My office just installed skype for business a month ago. Everything is look well, services, reporting, and also calling. But, after we're checking connectivity between internal network to external network for A\V call, the service is not running.

Here the issue detail:
1. Internal network communication is works, peer to peer and conference.
2. Conference internal network and inviting user from external network is work.
3. Calling (A\V) fro internal network to external network is not work. And also from external to internal network.
4. When AV calling, the communication just connected until 10 second, and disconnected.
5. All IM feature is work.

After 3 weeks troubleshoot the problem, finally, i found the solution, the problem is edge server cannot reach the ip client. To ensure, just logon to edge server and ping one of the ip client, the ping result should be reachable. If not, you have to add static route from edge server to client segment.

I am new in skype, so i explain the detail solution. If your segment ip client is, execute this command below:
add route -p mask if 12
(i). -p mean persistent route. outes added by using the -p option are stored in the registry under the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip \Parameters\PersistentRoutes. The PersistentRoutes subkey contains entries representing routes that permanently stored in the IP routing table. Unlike active routes, which are deleted when you shut down or restart Windows 2000, permanent routes are stored in the registry and remain in the IP routing table until you remove them.
(ii). is gateway from, if you have dmz, you need to route the gateway to dmz gateway.
(iii). if 12. There are two ethernet in edge server, internal and external. Internal is network to your lan and external is network to intranet. Your static route should be using internal network to communicate with lan. To do this, first you run the command : route print, and find the MAC address which same with interface internal Mac Address. and see the code.

After inserting the static route to the edge server, the problem has been solved.

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