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Today I am gonna show you how to build network infrastructure using by Cisco Meraki. If you want get more info about Meraki, please visit this webiste: http://www meraki.com.

Alright, if you are a network infrastructure or network consultant, maybe  good for you to consider using Meraki product. I am not saying the other are not good.

Lets beginning:
1. Wireless LAN
There are two type of Wireless LAN, indoor access point and outdoor access point. Make sure you know about your requirement. :D
Ok, indoor access point have 4 series, MR12, MR18, MR26, MR34. And outdoor access point only have 2, MR62 and MR66. The different between all of the device, you can see the image above.

We assume, that we need indoor access point for home office. So we choose MR12. How about pricing? let's discuss in last paragraph.

Wireless LAN: MR12

2. Switches
There are three type of switches, layer 2 switch(MS220-8, MS220-24, MS220-48), Layer 3 Switch(MS320-24, MS320-48) and Aggregation Switch(MS420-24, MS420-8).

For efficiency, better you should using POE switch, so the power come from the lan cable, directly from switch. So i suggest you using MS220-24P.

Switches : MS220-24P

3.Security Appliances
At least there are three type of security appliances, Small branch (MX60, MX60W), Medium Branch(MX80, MX100), Large Branch(MX400, MX600)

Security Appliances will be used for IT policy, like firewall, port or web access, vpn, user profile management. In other brand, meraki security appliances like watchguard.

4. Entreprise License
For efficiency and effectivitas productivity, meraki have centralized device management, its will be used for monitor, cofiguring AP/switch and computer from public network. If you are using this system, you shoud be pay for license.

How About Pricing ?
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