This post, is continue from the latest post about installing active directory in Windows Server 2008.

If i have PC windows server 2008, i will set the ip address is In the client PC, i will set the ip address in the same address like Make sure the PC can ping each other. Let see configuration in client PC:

Go to My Computer properties, in the computer name tab,click change  to configure the domain.
Like the picture above, click more and then type the name of domain in the  primary dns suffix of this computer. After that, click Ok and input again name of your domain in the member of domain. Ok and reboot your computer.

After reboot, you can logon to domain controller or your local PC.But, before you login, you must configure for the user computer in the server. Ok, lets do it:

Go to start,  administrative tools, active directory user and computer.
Go to your domain, click user and right click in the right side, select new, user. See picture below.

Fill the user logon name, detail see picture below. The user logon name will use when you login to the computer client. Next.

Set your password in the new windows.

Go to the computer client, and login with this username.

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