In this threads/post, i would like to share a little bit about how meraki work's. Lets begin from the simple step..:D

Just log-in to your account.

This is overview page. In this page you can find out summary of networking consumption and basic information about your network.

In my company, we implementing cisco meraki product include switch, access point. Both of device, is integrated with meraki sistem manager. Its means, cisco meraki can modify the device by remote or web based.

In the menu access point, we can assign the tags, ip address and names to facilitate you in the configuration. For example, you can give name as the of the room and you can set the ip address adjust with the level building. in the picture above, i set the ip address, its means the location of the device in the level 1 and ending 35.

Int the right side, we can see down time of the device. If you find out the red color, it means the connection is down, and if you find out the color is green, its mean the connection is good.

Finally, i want to showing on of the access point in the one room.

Lets see, we can find out  the access point plug in to the switch, the access point plug in to the switch 06. 

To be continue.

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  1. Hello,nice blog... password is a default access point that is factory set on some of the popular router models. Mainstream router manufacturers like Linksys, D-link, Belkin etc use as their default router admin pages. For that matter, the whole 192.168.1.x series is IANA reserved for logging in home networks.

  2. IP address is usually used for private networking. Moreover, the most of the router manufacturers use this IP version 4 address in as default gateway address for their routers.

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