After you install cacti under ubuntu like my post (Install Cacti Under Ubuntu), next you must configuration your cacti. Configuration for cacti is simple. Make sure all of the path is correctly configure. Here is  the setting for cacti below:

Go to setting, General tab:

 Go to setting, Paths tab:
Make sure all of the path has configuring correctly(green font).

Go to setting, Poller tab:;

After you setting like above, you can create new device to graph in your cacti in device menu. Next you go to devices, and then click add in the right. Lets configuring your devices like here:
Description : Your tittle device
Hostname : Your hostname(IP, domain etc)
SNMP Version: Version 1 set the community, version 2 set community like version 1, version 3 set the username and password.
Community: is name, mus be same with the server or devices.

For example: If you use mikrotik device, and your mikrotik set the ip public your hostname is, and you must set the community in the mikrotik(IP >> SNMP >> enable, community : public). In the cacti set the community is public like the mikrotik.

After save. you go to bottom page, and create SNMP - interface statistics to graph information about your interface device. If you have done, the information about interface device must be showing in the status like above.

After that, you can create graph from your device with click the Create Graph for this host in the top page. After you click, you will see ethernet or port with vlan in the next page. And then you can choose the port to graph the statistics. If you have choose the port, in the bottom of page you choose in/out bits Total bandwidth. Next and Finnish.

Go to graph trees, you create the trees to input your graph.
Go to devices, select your devices, click graph list. and select your graph and put your graph to your graph trees. That is.  It's simple.

Good Luck!.

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