To share internet connection from wifi, modem or LAN to VirtualBox, configuration is similar concept. Basically, IP segment in ethernet VirtualBox and ethernet ubuntu server must be same. To share the internet to the VirtualBox, there are some things that need to be prepared, namely:
1. Make sure the internet connection is running normally.
2. Prepare the linux operating system ubuntu 12.04 server installed in VirtualBox.

1. In Control Panel, go to the Adapter Settings page. Then right-click on the adapter that will be sharing, eg smart modem or wireless. If on wireless, right-click on the adapter and select Properties. On the properties page, go to the Sharing tab and make sure "Allow other network users to connect through the computer's Internet Connection" is checked. Note the image below.

This setting aims to share the internet from the adapter to the adapter that is listed in the "Home Networking Connection" is VirtualBox networking connection or in other words VirtualBox itself.

2. Properties on VirtualBox adapter. On the Networking tab, IPv4 settings by entering the IP and Netmask is Note the image below.
This setting aims to provide the same IP segment with the IP that will be in the configuration on ubuntu server. IP configured here, is IP gateway of ubuntu server.

3. Open Ubuntu Server on VirtualBox. At the bottom of the screen in VirtualBox, there are 2 computer icon. Right-click the network adapter and click. On "attached to", select Host-Only Adapter. OK. Note the image below:

4. In Ubuntu server, go as super user. Look at the configuration:
  • nano /etc/network/interface.
 Address  :  
 Netmask  :  
 Network  :  
 Broadcast :  
 Gateway  :  
  • nano /etc/resolv.conf
  • /etc/init.d/networking restart.
  • ping Success!

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